Does your program qualify for a discount on my Homeowners or Renters Insurance?
Yes.  Most insurance companies offer a substantial discount for a monitored alarm system.  In many cases, your discount may even EXCEED the annual cost of monitoring!!!  Check your policy, or contact your agent to verify your situation.
Can you monitor EVERY brand of alarm system?
No.  But we can monitor MOST.  Some systems have proprietary electronics that require you to use their monitoring.  Examples may include companies that offer "Free" alarm and installation as long as you use their monitoring.
Does that mean I will have to pay their high price forever?
Not at all.  It is easy to change a panel in your central control box to a unit that we (or any major monitoring company) can service.  The low, one-time cost will be saved back very quickly.
How do I know if I own my system?
If you bought it outright, installed it yourself, or it was included with the sale of your house, chances are that you own it.  If in doubt, check your current monitoring contract or call them and ask.
Will you provide future repairs and maintenance for my system?
Absolutely.  You have the option of “pay-as-you-go” service with our very competitive prices.  Or you may choose our DIAMOND PROTECTION PLAN that covers all parts and labor for your system for a low $5 per month.  There is no “deductible” or Service Fee to you with this plan.
Do you offer alarm options other than the basic plan?
We are a Full Service Security Company.  We can provide and monitor any system from a simple single story residence to complex business and industrial sites, including CCTV monitoring and more.  If your security and peace of mind are at stake, you can count on us to provide sensible solutions at very competitive prices.
How do I test my system to be sure it is working properly?
Your Instruction Manual will tell you how to do this.  You will contact the Call Center and tell us you want to run a test.  We will even be able to tell you which zone in your home was tested, and verify the signal is being received.  You may do this periodically to be assured all is well.  There is no additional charge for this.
Will you call me before dispatching the Police?
For a normal alarm code, you will be called and asked for your passcode.  If all is well and you give the correct code, the police will not be dispatched.  If we cannot contact you, or if an incorrect code is given, the police are dispatched immediately.  Then we will continue trying to contact the people on your call list.
What if I activate a "Panic" alarm on my system?
In the event you activate this option, the police are called immediately without further verification from you, and the inside alarm signal normally does not sound.
What if I enter the "duress" code instead of my normal code upon entering?
This code is given to your family so that they may appear to de-activate the alarm in the event an intruder is forcing them to do so.  It silences the alarm as usual, but sends a special code to our station.  We immediately dispatch the police and do not call you to tip off the fact we have received an alarm.  We will try to contact you approximately one hour later.
Do you offer fire alarm monitoring also?
ABSOLUTLEY.  If your system is wired for fire monitoring, this can be included in our service.
What is the additional charge to monitor for fire?
This added protection is FREE.
Is the procedure the same for a Fire Alarm received?
No.  If a fire signal is received, the Fire Department is dispatched immediately before any attempt is made to contact you.
Do you offer monthly or quarterly payment options?
Yes, but there is a slight additional charge for billing and/or periodic payments.  Part of the reason we can offer such a low price is that there is greatly reduced paperwork and accounting.  We keep it simple and concentrate on one thing: providing high quality dependable monitoring at the lowest price possible.
May I discontinue at any time?
Your payment is non-refundable once service is established.  Your contract will automatically renew at the end of each year at our special low rates unless you cancel it.  The exception is that, if you move, you may apply any unused balance to your new location.
Do I have to sign a 3 Year Contract?
No.  You only commit one year at a time.
What about for my business?
If you have a simple small office (under 3,500 sf) business alarm system, we will monitor it at the SAME LOW RATE!  We cannot include Fire monitoring for businesses at this price.
Do I need an Alarm Permit?
If it is required in your jurisdiction, yes.  Check with your local police department to verify the procedure.  Without it, the police may refuse to respond to our call.  (This has actually happened when there was a real robbery!)
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